British Prime Minister Must Deliver on Brexit Vote Commitments - Harkin

March 12, 2019

The British Prime Minister needs to deliver commitments made on additional votes on Brexit,  in the event MPs reject the Brexit deal for a second time in the House of Commons this evening.

That’s the view of Independent MEP Marian Harkin, as it emerged the ERG Group of MPs and the DUP are set to oppose the Agreement.

Assurances on the Irish border, agreed between the EU and Britain in late night discussions in Strasbourg , appear to have failed to win over the support the MPs who opposed the deal in Parliament earlier this year.

Theresa May had set out a series of steps to be taken if Parliament voted against the deal.  

That included allowing MPs to vote to exclude a no-deal outcome and also on the possibility of extending Article 50.

Midlands North-West MEP, Marian Harkin says Mrs May must follow through with those commitments:

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