MEPs demand rule of law link to EU financing – Walsh

July 24, 2020

The European Parliament is demanding clear mechanisms that will link EU financing to respect for the rule of law.


MEPs say EU leaders have significantly weakened the efforts of the European Commission and the Parliament to uphold the rule of law, fundamental rights and democracy in the framework of the EU’s long-term budget and its Covid recovery plan.


The European Parliament this week debated the outcome of the recent summit of EU leaders which saw an historic agreement reached on the seven hundred and fifty billion euro (€750bn) Covid recovery fund along with the EU’s 7-year budget.


However, MEPs are accusing the European Council of not doing enough to link the distribution of EU funds to compliance with the rule of law. This would apply particularly to Hungary and Poland which have been heavily criticised for rowing back on democracy and human rights.


Here’s the Fine Gael MEP Maria Walsh.


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